Protected by SABREMAT™ Technology 

What is an explosion / blast?
An explosion is a powerful release of energy occurring over an extremely short time with the effects of shock wave, impulse, fireball, sound & fragments, all contributing to potentially lethal injuries & damage on people & assets.
What is SABREMAT™?
SABREMAT™ (Shock Attenuating Blast Resistant Material) is Energetics Technology’s unique blast mitigation material. Highly versatile SABREMAT™ is integrated both into Energetic’s varied SABREMAT™ solutions and into OEM’s products. It is lightweight, easily shaped and fitted, and suitable for new and retrofit applications.

SABREMAT™ Blast Performance
SABREMAT™ deals with blast in a unique way: by absorbing and attenuating each blast element, thus minimising the entire explosive event and substantially improving survivability. 


SABREMAT™ Attenuated Blast

  • Lethal pressure substantially reduced
  • Improved survivability
  • Protects building structure stability
  • Applicable to other blast scenarios

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